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Recently I have read several old school new body user reviews, but I was not clear if the program is effective and working. The old school new body reviews available on the Internet showed mixed results of whether this program is successful. So, in this old school new body review we will try to explain what this diet program is really about, what it consists and to who it is dedicated.

First of all I got to inform you that it is a rare weight loss and fitness program specifically designed for 40 year olds and above. You got to admit, there aren’t many fitness programs for people in their 40s.

This is a “living proof” product which means the authors (Steve and Becky Holman) are both over 40 but have astonishing bodies and healthy lifestyles. They look healthier and younger than many people in their 30s.Takes into consideration every nuance and specific conditions of getting in shape while being 40 years old or above (i.e. having a slower metabolism, joint aches and pains). Thus, the program accommodates 40 year olds (and above) of every fitness level. I guess because of the age of the trainers is why it’s commendable that Old School New Body chose to break the mold and help a smaller but significant demographic (adults 40 years old and above) “defy age” and get into great shape at a very delicate period in their lives.

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The program is separated into clearly differentiated sections depending on your fitness and health goals.

Doesn’t take a lot of time nor put a lot of stress on your body. The workouts only take 90 minutes a week. Other products simply use bonuses as deal fluffers, not this one though. The free bonuses here are high value items in their own rights.



It’s not surprising that most fitness and weight loss programs out there in the market right now aim to be “catch all” products (claiming that everyone can use them). A wider audience equals a larger potential customer base, right? That’s why it’s commendable that Old School New Body chose to break the mold and help a smaller but significant demographic (adults 40 years old and above) “defy age” and get into great shape at a very delicate period in their lives.

The team behind the creation of Old School New Body is a bit of an all star cast. There’s Iron Man Magazine editor-in-chief Steve Holman together with his wife Becky Holman; and then there’s John M. Rowley, considered to be “America’s Lifestyle Strategist.” With those 3 you can be sure that this fitness program is standing on a solid foundation of experience, science, and proven results.

This program is a “living proof” product, which means that Steve and Becky Holman both achieved results by using the methods that they are sharing in this product. We love these types of products because they almost always guarantee effectiveness. The authors personally used themselves as “test subjects” and this fitness program shows you exactly what they did to “defy age”, have great health, and develop amazing bodies at their delicate age.

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Basis of the program


It doesn’t involve Low Fat Diets – For decades, low fat diets have been all highly popular globally. Yet, when you look around, you tend to see that Americans are fatter than ever. Compared to any other time in our history, we are sicker, more addicted to carbs and sugar, and fatter. Worst of all, our children are following our lead. Steve Holman’s OSNB system seeks to stop demonizing fats. Fats are to be embraced and not feared. Fats help your body regenerate power hormones. In fact, your dietary fat and cholesterol intakes directly produce testosterone, the strength hormone. In order to produce all vital hormones, cholesterol and fat are needed. This is why you see low fat dieters looking weak and gaunt.

Stop Running in Circles – If you like torturing yourself, than fitness classes can be a lot of fun. However, in these classes, it is pretty rare for you to see changes in people’s bodies. They claim that there are great cardio benefits, but Steve Holman’s OSNB system asserts that with less effort and time, you can get the same cardiovascular conditioning. The age reversal process is not helped much by endurance training or treadmills. By increasing free radicals, it is believed that the aging process is accelerated during these long exercise bouts.

Do Not Blame Your Age – Being old does not happen because you are fat. You only get fat because of the lifestyle you have chosen. By weight training, women and men even in their 90s can gain more muscle tone. Also, surrounding yourself with people who are positive thinkers and crave challenges will help you reverse the aging process.

Stay Hydrated – Water burns fat and is good for you. Water and lemon and natural juices can also do magic. Plus, your hunger is suppressed by water. In a matter of weeks, you can take a few years off your face just by drinking twelve ounces of pure water. By keeping hydrated, you will have more energy, save your liver and kidneys from being overworked, and drop fat. This is backed up by plenty of studies.

Workout Less – If you do not workout at all, then you probably will have to actually workout more but not much more. The Old School New Body exercises and program promotes the F4X (“Focus 4 Exercise”) Training System. This system emphasizes resistance training and only involves 90 minutes of working out each week

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Out of this self-experimentation comes a system that Steve and Becky Holman call the “Focus 4 Exercise” system or the “F4X” system. It’s a workout and diet plan combination that only requires 90 minutes a week of your time. It’s divided into 3 progressing phases that depends on your current fitness level and fitness goal.

Digging deeper into the program, Old School New Body starts off with the typical “breaking myths and revealing truths” intro; the main difference being that the program deals with fitness myths and truths applicable to adults over 40.

After that basic introduction, you would then proceed to the core of the program – the “F4X” exercise and meal plans. Like what we mentioned earlier, the “F4X” system is divided into 3 phases; with the first phase called “F4X Lean.” This is the launching point of the whole program and where everybody normally begins (assuming you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle or have no fitness activity the last couple of months). “F4X Lean” introduces you to the basic F4X protocols of exercises and diet plans. During this phase, the main aim is to help you lose the excess body fat that’s weighing you down.

The next 2 phases are optional; meaning the completion of the “F4X Lean” is enough to raise most people to a higher standard of health. However, if that’s not enough for you, feel free to proceed to the second phase called the “F4X Shape” phase. At “F4X Shape” you can expect modifications to the basic F4X lifting and diet style, the final goal of which is to help you build lean muscles and raise your fitness.

The last phase, again optional after finishing “F4X Shape,” is called “F4X Build.” The process includes further modifications to the basic F4X exercises and meal plans. Once you’ve finished, you can expect to have developed bulk and 15-30 lbs. of additional muscle.



I personally loved how this is a 40+ aging program. So, If you are battling with fitness issues or you want to combat the aging process and keep or take back your youthful looks, you will find the Old School New Body pdf book is a game changer for you. There are no negative side effects, only positive change in your life. All you get is an inexpensive weight loss and anti-aging program that can be great incentive and refreshment in your life. While writing this old school new body review we came to a conclusion that this can truly make you feel younger, give you confidence and enable you better life.



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