Knowing How to Run for Maximum Results

Running is one of the most convenient workouts that anyone can do and enjoy great benefits. It is simple and does not require any special equipments or skills. It is challenging however for many, but living beings learn how to run as they learn to walk and talk. You need just a pair of comfortable shoes to start on this fitness workout to stay healthy and fight obesity.

However, there is always a way to improve the techniques of running and so you must learn how to run. There are some basic rules of running that can fine tune your running postures in order to improve performance and also decrease the chances of injuries especially if you are an athlete. Professionals are of the opinion that while running you should not feel any discomfort or strain in any part of your body. So they have presented a set of guidelines on how to run efficiently. They are namely:

  • Accurate Running Posture
  • Proper Arms and Hands Placement
  • Breathing techniques
  • Selecting the correct stride
  • Foot Strike

Like standing and sitting, running posture is also of great importance as it helps to reduce tension and strain in the neck and shoulders which in turn will help to enhance performance.

As a runner, placing the arms and hands in the right position is also crucial for increasing speed.

Breathing techniques cannot be taught but over time, a runner learns the appropriate way of breathing that works best for him/her. Some breathe through the nose, while others use their mouth to breathe and there are some who use both the nose and the mouth in combination according to requirements and personal preference.

When running, take care of your strides. They should neither be too short nor more than your capacity. Over-striding is injurious to your legs and muscles. A runner has to decide on the type of his/her stride for safety and maximum performance.

Running as a physical fitness regime or past-time or as a professional feat, offers great benefits. A pair of comfortable shoes and track-suit is all you need to start running for health and fitness. It is a great way to burn fat and get into shape. It offers effective results in improving mood and relieving stress. It increases confidence levels too. Nowadays, various programs are organized by groups where they run for a cause like cruelty to animals, child abuse and others.

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