Fruit Punch With Assorted Nuts (Together With Low Fat Yoghurt)

Fruit Punch With Assorted Nuts

A Perfect Low-Calorie Dessert Recipe

Maintaining the perfect weight is quite difficult for all those who love sweets and desserts. However, if you are over-weight and suffering from obesity problems, you must take positive steps to reduce weight for it is the source of all diseases and maladies. Most families end their meals with a dessert and it is the responsibility of the homemaker to prepare something sweet that is good for all including diabetics and obese members of the family.

Well, if you love cooking you must be having the low-calorie cream or yoghurt and sugar substitutes in your store. Fruits are available in every home and so preparing a low-calorie nutty delight for the ones you love will not be a problem.

Here is a recipe for you that you will enjoy mostly because it will keep you full and at the same time help to reduce weight.


  1. 2  large apples
  2. 1 large pear
  3. 4-5 raspberries/strawberries/cranberries/ black currants
  4. ½ liter low-fat yoghurt
  5. 2 tablespoons sugar substitute
  6. 100 gm cashew nuts/ walnuts/ almonds
  7. 2-3 cherries.

How to prepare

  • Wash, and wipe dry all the fruits. You can add other fruits too like pineapple and plums according to your taste.
  • Cut the fruits in equal pieces and keep them in a large glass bowl. Try to cut them into small cubes to look attractive.
  • Chop the nuts and the cherries into tiny pieces and keep aside.
  • Whip the yoghurt and the sugar substitute in a blender. You can use fat-free cream in place of yoghurt also.
  • Now take small attractive ice-cream cups and place a layer of fruits, whipped cream, and nuts. Now repeat once more placing the fruits, cream, and the nuts. Add another layer of whipped cream and decorate with small bits of cherries. You can place crunchy wafers too for the kids or chocolate sauce for them.
  • Keep in the refrigerator and serve after dinner.

This low-calorie dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth definitely and you can enjoy it with a free mind because all the ingredients are naturally packed with vitamins and minerals and are devoid of sugar and starch. You will feel satisfied and happy, as you are sure that you are not going to gain weight in any way. This dessert is a calculated recipe that helps to reduce weight while satisfying your cravings for sweets.

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