Effects of Cardio Exercises before or after Weight Lifting

Cardio workouts are one of the most important exercises that must be included in your daily fitness regime. Whether to stay fit or build muscles, cardio is indispensable. However, there are many people who perform other workouts as well apart from the cardio like weight lifting.

According to professional fitness trainers, cardio exercises are must-do workouts even if you lift weights. So when should you perform the “cardio before or after lifting” is a question that is asked by many people. Actually there is no fixed time or best time for cardio training. Everyone has a different body and so it greatly depends on the energy level of the person. But there are certain guidelines for doing cardio especially if you lift weights. Here they are:

Cardio before lifting- Its effects

Expert trainers never advice cardio in the morning in an empty stomach. Neither do they ask you to do cardio before weights because cardio consumes most of the muscle energy stored in your muscles and so you will not be able to perform the weight lifting workouts well especially if your weightlifting workouts are intense. You can simply use cardio for just a few minutes to warm up. But if you run for about an hour, then never try weightlifting after that. It will only be a disaster.

Cardio after Weights – Its benefits

The very first thing to remember when you do your exercises is the intensity of the workout and your energy level. There must be a balance which will give you maximum benefits from your workouts. If you do intense cardio exercises first and then go for your weightlifting workouts, it will harm your body. Similarly, if you are into intense weightlifting program, doing your cardio immediately after it is equally useless.

So professionals recommend a 2-hour rest or wait time, between the two intense workout periods. It is true that weightlifting does not use up all your glycogen, but you must have a high energy level to perform your cardio exercises well for maximum benefits. Some of the amazing results enjoyed by those who do their cardio workouts after weights are:

  • Important and long term health benefits.
  • High energy levels.
  • The impact on the muscles is great.

To get the best results from both the workouts if you perform intense workout routines, it is right to schedule your cardio sessions separate from your weights training. Everything however depends on the type of workouts that you perform. For maximum benefits consult your trainer.

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