Genuine Customized Fat Loss Review


After many years of trying and writing for different fat loss programs, the thing that is maybe the greatest thing I have learned is that the any diet reacts to people in different way. Even the most effective diet for some people, could not have effect at all on other people. That is why, I always think that the diet that is customized for your body type is the best solution when you try to lose weight or add muscle. So, I’m going to write review about the customized fat loss program. This customized fat loss review will help you in realizing if its worth buying and does it has the content that you believe is worth for you.

The program is created by the athlete Kyle Leon. This program is a top selling fitness program that is very popular across the world. Customized fat loss program assists an individual to choose a customized diet plan and workouts with the help of a software. The weight loss program is said to bring encouraging results and many people have benefited from it.

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The Bases Of The Customized Fat Loss Program

Everybody has a different body type. You have a unique body type. This body type determines how much weight you gain when you eat, and how much you lose when you work out.

Some body types lose weight easily, some have an easier time gaining fat. Each body type serves their purpose, but when it comes to losing fat that makes you feel disgusting, it can make or break your rate of success.

That’s why it’s important to have a meal plan and training program that is made specifically for your body type. When you pay attention to your body’s reaction to certain foods and exercises, you’ll have much more success getting rid of that protruding belly fat.

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What it contains

Before we go and see what does the program contains we have to say that the program can be of a great benefit for anyone. I don’t think I would have achieved these kind of results without this program. There’s no pills or chemicals to reach your goals. You only need to follow the food and workout schedule to be a success.

I will exactly explain the process of what you will get once you get access to the CFL training. Well, basically, you will be taught by the Kyle Leon how you can train your brain and body to start shedding unnecessary body fat. First of all you need to understand your body, its basic nutrient and caloric requirement and then you will take further step towards your goals. The basis of the program is the software. But, first we will explain the 6 things you will get prior access to the software.

CFL Quick Start Guide

This guide gives you an overview of the software and how it works. It also includes a welcome video from Kyle Leon giving an introduction to the course. This video continues for 7 minutes explaining how to use the software with a visual demonstration.

CFL Guide

This is the main guide to the program, but it’s only 8 pages long. It gives you the step by step on how to use the program. The first step is determining your somatotype, and here Kyle instructs how to know what your body type is.

Somatotyping Guide

This is the more complete guide regarding body types, their traits, strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve determined your body type from the main CFL guide, this short 8 page guide gives you more information on how your certain body type works.

How to Lose Your First 10 Pounds

This is a 9 page guide for beginners or people who have not gone to the gym in a long time. The purpose is to give a starting point that you can work with immediately. You can skip the software entirely and go straight to this guide if you want.

The guide gives you an example meal plan based on how much you weigh. There are no exercises. You should know however that this short guide isn’t a replacement for the full, 12 week CFL main program.

Customized Fat Loss System

This is the main software that will be the central part of your weight loss journey. The software is located on a special website that you can access from the member’s area.

Once you sign in, you are asked to input a set of data, including name, sex, height, weight, age, how many hours of training per week you get and body type. After you save your profile, you are taken to the screen where you get a highly customized 6-part meal plan to use as your diet. After that the Customize Fat Loss program will tailor the best possible diet for you. In that way you can be sure that you will be trying the best possible diet for you. The great thing about this software is that it automates the process of consulting an expert nutritionist. Using Kyle’s patented formulas, you get the same results a personal coach will give you but without the high cost of hiring one. The software saves you thousands of dollars and acts as your personal advisor.

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When writing this customized fat loss review I came to a conclusion that this program is surely worth buying. Not only that contains valuable information with the guides and publications you will get after purchasing, but the online software, behind which the creators stand behind, can be extremely effective in achieving your goals. Because it is a 60 day program, much shorter than any other natural weight loss programs, I’m sure that you will like it and it will be beneficial for you. At the end of the day, what can be the most effective diet for you, if not a custom tailored diet program for your age and body type? The customized fat loss is certainly worth the time and effort.




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