7 Ways To Achieve A Better Skin In 3 weeks

Achieve A Better Skin

Everyone craves for a flawless, glowing and healthy skin. Some have beautiful skin naturally, but not all. So you need to work a little if you wish to enjoy that perfect, soft and smooth skin for years.

There are innumerable ways to take care of your skin and many skin care products are also available at the stores. But the best way to maintain skin health is to take care of your total health.Here are some tips that will surely help you to get a wonderful, healthy skin within a short time, provided you are consistent and sincere.

The Selected 7 Ways to achieve perfect skin

  1. Cleanliness: This is the first step to a clear skin. Using a cleanser that suits your skin type is important. Wash off all dirt and dust first with clean water and then use your cleanser.
  2. Nutritious Food: Maintaining a healthy diet routine helps to ward off various skin problems, especially pimples, acne, etc. Proper balanced diet supply all the necessary essential nutrients that help to nourish your skin.
  3. Adequate rest and sleep: You must take proper rest and sleep for at least 8 hours so that your skin also gets enough time to relax and regain its elasticity and luster. Lack of sleep results in puffiness under the eyes, dark circles and even pimples.
  4. Hydrating the skin: You must drink a lot of water and fresh juices that are enriched with Vitamin A, C, D, E and antioxidants that will maintain skin health.
  5. Stay away from Stress: Tension and stress play an important part in hampering digestion and proper assimilation of food. This in turn shows on your skin. You look dull and your skin starts showing signs of aging like fine lines, even if you are not that old.
  6. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to achieve perfect skin. You need to maintain your food habits, exercise regularly and take adequate rest. Apart from this, a skin care regimen should also be maintained. Opt for good quality cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliating lotions and astringents that are suitable for your skin. Use sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from sun damages.
  7. Consult your doctor: Always remember to talk to your doctor or a dermatologist if there are any skin problems that you cannot deal with naturally. Do not use any kinds of over the counter medicines or ointments.

If you can follow the above simple methods, you are sure to bring about great changes in your skin health and achieve the the perfect skin that you crave for.

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